Sailboat Charter Do’s And Don’ts

We’ve gathered the most important lessons for you, which if you do or actually don’t do, sailboat charter will remain a lifelong experience for you.

At Füredyacht you can rent a boat already from 15 March until 15 November. Make use of the complete season, think also of the early and late season, or if you wish to rent a boat in the summer high season, rent the chosen boat already 1 year in advance.

If, among the boats being in our online system, you cannot find a date or a boat which is free and suitable for you, please call us or write us and we will find a boat and a date suitable for you.

If you want to extend your charter period with one more night of charge, it is enough to indicate it to us, and taking into account the boat’s occupancy, we will hand over the boat from 7:30 p.m. the night before the charter period, the fee of which is 30,000 HUF /night.

During the boat charter you should always have your boat driving license, ID card and mobile phone. When receiving the boat, always check it in detail, inside and outside, check the existence of the kits and equipment, make sure that the documents of the boat, the boat’s certificate, the charter certificate, the charter agreement shall be always with you.

Before departure, always examine and check the expected weather as it can greatly influence the itinerary and duration of the planned tour. In each cases take care of the distribution of duties among your passengers. Before departure, as a captain organize the ropes, and check the safety equipment, the liquid levels, passengers of the boat.

The suddenly coming storm on Lake Balaton is only a legend. The well-built storm signaling system warns to the strengthening of the wind at least 1 hour before.

All boats of Füredyacht can be rented with the captain service or without captain, however if you are not sure in your knowledge and you want to get more confident knowledge on the chosen boat, come and participate at one of our Charter Preparation Courses and we pay 50% of the first day of your charter. This way you can get knowledge and discount at the same time!

For sailing, it is worth wearing comfortable clothes in multiple layers, and soft shoes with rubber sole. Our thermal sensation is greatly reduced in strong wind, don’t forget about this when compiling your outfit! In summer, for the convenient sailing it is essential to use sunscreen lotion, to wear sunglasses and cap for protection against the sun. For a better use of space, instead of a travel bag, choose sports bag for storage of personal things. You can easily put your sports bag folded in half into a storage box under a bed, so it does not consume space.

During the charter, we take care of the life-jacket for children staying on the boat. It is enough if you indicate the weight of the children who needs the life-jacket when you start the charter.

Each of our boats has a fridge. However, it is worth filling it up with pre-cooled drinks, because due to the limited possibilities, the fridge in boats cools down slower than a domestic fridge.

When renting a boat, we give the boats with the eater tanks filled up, treated with silver based disinfectant. However, the water in the tank is not drinking water quality, it is not suitable for consumption, and therefore it is worth to arrive to the boat with an appropriate amount of bottled drinking water.

Each of our boats has “black-water” tanks, so the use of the toilet is allowed everywhere. For the convenience, it is recommended to use the sanitary blocks built in the harbours. Never throw paper into the toilet bowl! On the boats, there are bins for the storage of used paper, used especially for this purpose.

In order to avoid eventual injuries, take due care of the use of fenders on the boat! Never park in or out between harbour columns with the fenders hanging on the side of the boat because they may get caught, come off and in some cases they can even divert the direction of the boat. According to their intended purpose, fenders protect the side of the boat, which is not moving, against a neighboring boat or the mole. During sailing, take in the fenders as it is not advantageous at all to have a bouncing bumper buoy.

After mooring, always check the boat, particularly the knots made on the docking line, which have been prepared by your beginner passengers. Check the fixing of sails, the connection of electric cables, the covers of board openings, in short, leave the boat carefully in the berth.

Before departure, in each case, think of the possible situations of giving the rights of way and giving way. Think of the backboard rule and of the leeward rule! If you see another boat approaching permanently in an angle of bow, there is a risk of collision. For the solution of the situation, the not give-way boat must definitely give the way.

In the harbour, before departure always wait for the boat which is in a mooring manoeuvre. In the area of the harbour, circulate with a careful, safe speed, keeping right, so you can prevent the frequent and unnecessary harbour damages.

At the Tihany port, respect the cardinal marks with special care which can be found in the pilot book on the boat, and pass the port always according to the guiding of the book!

If you or any of the passengers are on the deck, always use the deck while you are staying on the deck. The national flag is also the decoration of the boat.

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