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How can I reserve the boat at Füredyacht?

At Füredyacht, you can reserve a boat as you want and as it is the most convenient for you: if you know exactly what you want, choose the boat and reserve online, if you have questions, or if you are not sure in anything, we receive your reservation also on the phone 06-30-452-9879 or +36-30-999-3229 telefonszámon, but you can also write us.

When do I have to pay the boat charter fee?

50% of the charter fee shall be paid as as a depoosit at the reservation, while the remaining 50% is payable at latest 10 days before the start of the rental via bank transfer.

Can I pay with SZÉP Card or in any other ways?

Yes, at Füredyacht you can pay by SZÉP Card, you can settle the sum of the bat charter from the “relaxation part” of the SZÉP Card. It is easy for you, as we have contracted with all three card issuers, so you can pay with OTP, MKB or K&H SZÉP Card. If you bought a gift voucher or received it as a gift, the boat charter fee can be paid also by showing Füredyacht gift voucher.

Do I have any other costs in addition to the charter fee?

In addition to the boat charter fee, you shall pay the security, which is payable in cash when receiving the boat. Of course, we return the security after the charter if everything was OK when you returned the boat.

You also need to consider the transit log fee, which includes the amount of the final cleaning of the boat and the necessary refueling of the boat's tanks and amenities. The transit log amount will be charged according to the current price list.

What is the transit log fee and what does it contain?

The transit log fee contains the fuel costs, the boat cleaning fee, the refilling of hand washing materials, toilet paper and gas cylinder which have been used during the boat charter. Füredyacht provides 1 hour of fuel, the consumption used above this amount shall be paid separately when you return the boat.

When and how can I receive the boat?

As usual, we can give our sailboats at 9 AM in the morning of the first day of the charter period. If you need and you indicate it previously, we can give you the boat at 7:30 PM, in the evening before the charter period.

In each case, half an hour before your arrival, it is worth checking-in at Lajos SARANG at the +36-30-452-9879 phone number, or in the Füredyacht office at the +36-30-999-3229 phone number so that everything will be the fastest possible when receiving the boat.

Is there a possibility for parking for the time of the boat charter?

Yes, at Füredyacht we think that the safety of your car is important while you are on eater, therefore we provide free parking in our harbour for one car per each rented boat.

How the kitchen of the boats is equipped?

The equipment of the kitchen in our boats varies by type but a gas cooker, electric cooktop can be found in every kitchen. Fridge, washbasin, water, kettle, cutlery and other useful kitchen equipment are part of the basic equipment of our boats.

When and who can I call in case of technical problem, asking for help?

For the safety of you and your boat, we have a 0-24-hour telephone hotline on the following phone number, so can call us at any time:

In order to provide your convenience and safety, we have a qualified team.

When and how shall I return the boat?

n general, you shall return the boat until 6 PM on the day according to the contract filled in when you received the boat, together with the equipment listed at the receipt. If you found a problem during the charter, please inform us immediately so that we have time to repair is, and we will be able to serve our clients arriving after with the same quality you as we did it for you.

If you want and we agreed beforehand, you can return the boat at a time different from usual.

It is worth calling us on the phone half an hour before the time of return, mooring so that we can help you in mooring:

Can I ask also for extra cleaning?

Of course, there is a possibility that in case of several days of charter, you can have extra cleaning in addition to the cleaning included in the charter. We only ask you to indicate it for us half a day in advance. The price of the extra cleaning is HUF 10,000 / cleaning.

Where can I stay if I don’t want to sleep on the boat?

If you don’t want to sleep on the boat, you can choose from several possibilities. In our base harbour, we can provide 20% discount from the room prices of Uni Hotel, or you can stay at private accommodations, in apartment or in a guesthouse, the average price is around HUF 3500 / person / night. If you need, we can help you reserve your accommodation.

Is there any insurance for the boats?

Of course all boats have liability insurance, and our boats over 8 persons also have CASCO insurance in addition to the liability insurance.

Do the boats have life-jacket for children?

Of course, for the boat charter we can provide life-jacket for children in each case, in the desired quantity. It is enough to inform us about your needs of this type when receiving the boat, indicating the weight of the child.

What happens if the weather is bad at the time of the charter?

At Füredyacht we provide Weather guarantee for the boat charters. This means that you can transfer the reservation of the days unsuitable for sailing to a later dated, previously agreed with us.

What if something comes up at my part which fails the charter?

In cases when despite the reservation, you cannot start the charter due to unforeseeable obstacles, we try to find a solution thinking together. If the boat can be still sold, then we will repay the down payment for you, or you can use it at a later date.

Shall I pay for the nights spent at the harbour?

During the boat charter each night spent at the base harbour of Füredyacht is free of charge. In other harbours, 2-3 hours of mooring is in general for free, and the price of one night is around HUF 7000. From the point of view of guest places, the most deal harbours at Lake Balaton are the harbours of BAHART Zrt. You can find detailed information about the harbours on Lake Balaton in the pilot book which you can find in our boats.

How to check-in if you spend the night in another harbour?

During the high season, in order to find out about the free capacity of the harbours on Lake Balaton, it is worth asking for information in advance on the phone, through one of the phone numbers listed in the pilot book which can be found on the boat.

Can we ask a captain for the boat? If yes, how long is he on the boat?

If you request it, you have the possibility to use the captain service. The daily fee of the captain service is HUF 30,000 which you shall settle at the same time of paying the charter fee. The service is usually from 9 AM to 5 PM on the days of the charter. If you previously agree upon it, we can fix individual schedules, too.

If you wish to sail in complete comfort, you can choose from our complete sailing tours.

Where can I check the wind expected for the period of charter?

If you want to check the wind for the period of the charter, you yourself can look it at or at but we are happy to help you also in this, if you call Lajos SARANG at the +36-30-452-9879 phone number or the Füredyacht office at the 06-30-999-3229 phone number.

Is there a possibility to practice when receiving the boat?

The Füredyacht team is happy to help you to get to know the boat, to practice harbour manoeuvres, and we are pleased to show you the handling of the boat in practice for greater comfort and safety.

Is there bow radius steering on the boats?

Each boats above 31 feet has bow radius steering.

Do the boats have bimini?

Yes, each of our boats has bimini.

When is it worth reefing?

“When it first comes to your mind...” 🙂

For reducing the sail area of our boats, you have two opportunities varying by type:

  1. Rollreff | Both main sails are roll type sails, which means they have a roller system which provides the stepless reduction of the sail area. The need of using it is indicated by the fact that the boat tends to running into the wind despite the contrary steering.
  2. Bindereff | By binding the reefing lines in the main sail, you can reduce the area of the main sail.
Where it is allowed to anchor on Lake Balaton?

With the exception of the itinerary usually used by big ships and harbour bays, you can anchor anywhere on Lake Balaton.

5 ideal conditions for anchoring:

  1. Anchor suitable for the material of the lake bed
  2. Enough are for turning around in 360 degrees
  3. Lowered anchor rope with a length equivalent to min. 3 times the water depth.
  4. Water area sheltered from wind and waves
  5. Shall not be in a shipping route
Is it possible to sail at night on Lake Balaton?

Yes, we due caution and by using the navigation lights of the boat, you can sail at night on Lake Balaton whenever you want.

When can I use the motor of the boat on Lake Balaton?

You can use the motor of the boat for facilitating the mooring in 300 m area of the harbour, for preventing an emergency, in case of complete lull, or if there is a second degree storm warning, you can use it for sailing to the nearest harbour.

How can I refill water and fuel?

When starting the charter, we give you the boat filled up with fuel and water. If despite of this, it is necessary to refill, please tell us on the phone to find the easiest solution:

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