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The Avar 29 is a quick cruising sailboat with easy handling. It has a wide, open cockpit which is a comfortable work area for the passengers, from this place the complete rig of the boat can be handled easily. Its interior design provides a big room for maneuver. In its bow area, there is a doubled bed for two, in the salon there are 1-1 bed, then in the back of the cabin there is also a double bed providing a comfortable couch for two persons. Inside the boat, there is a toilet, a hand wash cabin and a kitchen corner with fridge, washbasin and electric cooktop.

Complete the CHARTER preparation course!

I participated in the charter preparation course at the beginning of April. That Saturday and Sunday were an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the professional instructor, Gyula FEKETE, I was able to learn everything which is needed for the navigation and open water driving of those huge and wonderful boats of 3 and 6 tons. The training covers all details, I can only highly praise the material and its teaching. The organization itself was professional and fluent.

Two of my old dreams came true this weekend. So far I have not dared to go sailing at night, but now we went and I learned how to do it. On the other hand, I could not imagine how to sail in big wind, or if it is allowed at all to go to the Lake. Well now, we went on the lake in wind 8, on water covered with waves of a meter. I have learned how to do it, now I will not be frightened if I am surprised by storm or if the wind is strong.

I can only recommend it to everyone who takes cruising seriously, it is almost mandatory to complete this course. It is not worth starting the charter without this course, indeed it is really dangerous, I know by my own experience. And if you are thinking about a course like this, I recommend FüredYacht without thinking and with my whole heart.

Balázs Salacz Budapest

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Teljes hossz

8,85 m


2,86 m


0,42-1,45 m


2,7 tonna


33 m2 / Grósz: 20,20 m2 / Orrvitorla: 12,80 m2 / Spinakker: 35 m2


Yamaha FT 9.9 GEL


10 LE (Üzemanyag-fogyasztás: 2 L/H)


30 L


100 L


Férőhelyek száma

8 fő

Fekhelyek száma

6 fő


Balatonfüred / UNI Hotel


Nagyvitorlához betekerő rendszer standard vitorlával (Rollgrósz), Cockpit részen teakfa deck, Teleszkópos-gázrugós alba, Bimini, Sprayhood Merev forstag, Rollfock, Lazy jack, 3 soros gyors reff, Önfogós csörlők, Kormányhosszabítók, Kiülős farkorlátok, Kokpit asztal, Bimini

Extra felszereltség

Versenyfelszerelés: Ronstan fordítócsiga, Spinakkerbum, 35 m2 spinakker


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Avar 29 Price List

Avar 29 (Cosette) Working Days / Day (Mo-Th) Weekend / Day (Fr-Su) Long Weekend (Fr evening - Mo morning) 5 Working Days (Mo-Fr)  Full Week
April 36.300 Ft 43.560 Ft 79.860 Ft 137.940 Ft 198.634 Ft
May  36.300 Ft 43.560 Ft 79.860 Ft 137.940 Ft 198.634 Ft
June 48.400 Ft 58.080 Ft 106.480 Ft 183.920 Ft 264.845 Ft
July  60.500 Ft 72.600 Ft 133.100 Ft 229.900 Ft 331.055 Ft
August 60.500 Ft 72.600 Ft 133.100 Ft 229.900 Ft 331.055 Ft
September 48.400 Ft 58.080 Ft 106.480 Ft 183.920 Ft 264.845 Ft
October 36.300 Ft 43.560 Ft 79.860 Ft 137.940 Ft 198.634 Ft
November 36.300 Ft 43.560 Ft 79.860 Ft 137.940 Ft 198.634 Ft

50% of the booking fee will be paid in advance when the ship is booked, while the remaining 50% of the fee will be paid by transfer 10 days prior to the start of the rental.

Deposit: 100.000 Ft | Returning Customer Discount 10% | Transit log for one day rental: 10.000 Ft (Includes ship-cleanup fee and 1 hour fuel) | Genakker: 25.000 Ft | Captain's fee: 30.000 Ft / day

In case of a one-day rental the cost of sleeping on the boat is 20,000 HUF/night.

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